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genre=Adventure director=Christopher Nolan 2014 runtime=169m UK, Canada






I fall in love with this music 💜💜💜.

I won't give it a 1 to even things up a little, I give it a 6 which is real. Maybe 6.5 but 7 would be a stretch. I'm disappointed with a film that I waited for so long, with a great title that was waisted. Interstellar should have been a masterpiece, with, well, a lot of Interstellar traveling. The duration is just to long, especially the first part, which brings nothing extra to the story. It's just to stretched out trying to bring I don't know what. A feel of 2001 maybe, but 2001 is in another galaxy for this one. I didn't like Inception either, so maybe it has got to be something with Nolan. I'm a sci-fi fan, but today everyone's trying to make sci-fi, but they don't succeed. They are doing it wrong! District 9 was the last good sci-fi I watched. Interstellar has got great visuals, I give it that, but Gravity had more (another film that sucked big time. I wouldn't watch it again.

I like how this video simply draws attention to the aesthetics of the film. Beautiful scenes, beautiful music. When I have to cry out of momentarily nostalgic happiness I watch this. I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THE SCENE WHERE THEYRE DOCKING INTO THE ENDURANCE AT THE BEGINNING. Please post. Not the No Time For Caution, but the other docking scene at the beginning.

Interstellar oscar. We need Batman to find a cure for Covid 19. Can Christian Bale come back for one more movie please 😁. Interstellar 2 movie. Interstellar trailer. Interstellar review. Interstellar guitar. Interstellar scene. Interstellar retribution. I've seen this movie 6 times. I love it. Interstellar wallpaper. Interstellar space. Interstellar ending scene. Interstellar docking scene. Interstellar 2. I find it sad that he never got to say bye to his son. 😭.

Interstellar piano. Watched that Movie completly clueless what to knew bout the Spaceship and so on. ehm. i was so amazed after the Movie stant score listening since time i feel like sad or so i do click on the music and its all gone. watched the Movie over 10 times. MASTERPIECE. Interstellar no time for caution. Interstellar black hole. Interstellar medium. Interstellar 5555. This reminds me of GUNDAM COLONY. Interstellar marines. Interstellar wave scene. I love listening to the soundtrack of interstellar, it brings me to another place. Interstellar ending. Interstellar. Interstellar mountains. Interstellar orchard. How do you know. because i gave it to her... one of my favorite lines in the whole movie. I saw Hans Zimmer play this live in concert; and it was Glorious. Interstellar 123movies.

Interstellar watch. Interstellar theme. The Nolan Brothers, wow, what can you say. Writer's of Conscious, genius what they come up with. Christopher Nolan is so specific and particular to everything to where it makes most of his movies great. There's so much going on in this movie that I would do Interstellar injustice by putting it in a vacuum, so I will simply state that I wasn't sure how I felt about this movie until the last 20 minutes came and brought it altogether where it hit you out of nowhere on how brilliant it was. Amazing how certain films can do that. Lost in Translation and Found are the same way. Not sure how I felt about the films until the very end, and then the ending is what brought it altogether. The ending for Interstellar, Lost in Translation and Found are what made these films beyond great, the ending of these films are what made these films transcend themselves beyond the boundaries of greatness. And somehow Nolan's genius transcends greatness with this film.
In a way, Interstellar is almost a spiritual sequel to Inception i.e. 2 days after I had finished watching Interstellar, I had a dream about something in my life that then went to the scene where Mcconaughey's character is crying profusely as he drives forth, leaving his daughter behind. I woke up from my dream and thought about that scene all day, and then thought about how great Interstellar was, and all kinds of different emotions, feelings and sensations were filling my body. As if I had gone through Inception, a dream within a dream. As if an idea and feelings had been put into my head. It felt like Inception. I thought how genius it was for the movie Inception to lead you to Interstellar. I thought perhaps this was how Nolan had been lead to the idea, the concept of it all.

I will play this song when Covid 19 is over. Interstellar black hole scene. Interstellar bbq. Just can't ignore the fact that Hans Zimmer composed this music before reading the script. Hans zimmer and nolan both are aliens. Interstellar soundtrack. Interstellar clouds crossword. They have access to infinte time and space but they're not bound by anything they can't find a specific point in time. That's a subtle God(Divinity) reference by Nolan right there. Absolutely genius. Interstellar film. Interstellar rift. Interstellar movie explained.




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